Emergencies and Civil Protection

Our team is highly qualified in terms of emergencies and civil protection. That qualification is so theorical (adquired by regulated training) and practical (adquired by practise). We develop plans related to natural or onthropic risks, such as floods, earthquakes, industry or forest fires. In fact, forest fires are one of the most highlighted specialties of our team (although not the only).

During more than 10 years, the team of Medi XXI GSA has invested resources and time taking part in different forest fires: collaborating with emergency services.

The conditions that are generated during a forest fire are complex and not easy to reproduce in scale test. The onyl way to learn how a forest fire work is in a forest fire. That is why, always with maximum security, we have worked in the three steps of the fire: before the forest fire (prevention), during the fire (operation) and after the fire (análisis of damages and restoration). Thanks to this experience, we developed the SIDEINFO project (WUI Protect).

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