Environmental engineering


We are an engineering company. And we are an environment company. We are not a generic consultant who also offers environmental services. We do thinking engineering in people and in the environment. In economics and sustainability. Signage of natural, urban and rural spaces. Design, signaling and homologation according to FEMECV. Design and signaling of approved routes. That’s why we integrate professionals from various areas of competence (agriculture, geography, environment, forestry, ecotourism, architecture,). We work with sustainable development criteria. Engineering to solve.


Signage of natural, urban and rural spaces

  • Design, signage and homologation according to FEMECV.
  • Design and signage of routes not approved by the FEMECV.
  • Design and provision of contents – Classrooms of nature.
  • Urban and rural eco-healthy routes.
  • Cycling itineraries.
  • Cultural and heritage itineraries.


Waste management

  • Integrated environmental authorization.
  • Advice on waste management.


Technical and legal advice on environmental matters

  • Technical and legal reports of territorial affections.
  • Sector-specific administrative legal databases.
  • Experts reports and conflicts resolution
  • Technical assistance in town halls, urbanizations, private homes, neighborhood associations, etc.


Environmental management

  • Environmental management systems.
  • ISO 9001 and 14001 standards.
  • EMAS Regulation.
  • “Agenda 21”


Design and execution of gardening projects

  • Design and execution of public and private gardening.
  • Optimization of public resources applied to the maintenance.
  • Mediterranean Xeriscape.

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