Technical office and project


Medi XXI GSA offers the own services of a technical office and of projects formed by a team of people with expands experience in environmental matter and of engineering. This Technical office is the attendant to design and develop projects, flat, studies , reports, products orservices to satisfy the needs of our customers. Our work in este sense pretends to improve therelation quality-price   with solutions of quality, well designed, well executed and for a reasonable investment.


Land planning and zoning

  • Acoustic Studies.
  • Landscape Integration Studies
  • Environmental impact studies.
  • Heritage Studies.
  • Studies of Sustainable Urban Mobility.
  • Hydrological studies.
  • Flooding studies.
  • Water resources reports.
  • Cadastral management and report of territorial affections.
  • Topographic and GPS surveys. Property defense.
  • General Plans for Urban Planning (PGOU).
  • Public Participation Plans (PPP).
  • Environmental monitoring plans.
  • Defense of public property.
  • Inventories of territorial character.


Forest Management an Planning

  • Forest cleaning and maintenance work.
  • Planning against emergencies – Civil Protection.
  • Self-protection plans for populated areas.
  • Forest management plans.
  • Local forest fire prevention plans
  • Municipal forest fire suppression plans.
  • Reforestation and afforestation works.
  • Design and execution of preventive forestry works.
  • WUI PROTECT: Wildland Urban Interface Protect system.


Implementation of Geographic Information Systems (digital)

  • Design and implementation of municipal models of digital management.
  • Territorial data bases and thematic cartography.
  • Implementation of Geographic Information Systems.
  • Training courses adapted to specific productive sectors.


Signage of natural, urban and rural spaces

  • Design, signage and homologation according to FEMECV.
  • Design and signage of routes not approved by the FEMECV.
  • Design and provision of contents – Classrooms of nature.
  • Urban and rural eco-healthy routes.
  • Cycling itineraries.
  • Cultural and heritage itineraries.

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