Agroforestry management and planning

Our agricultural, environmental and forest engineering team has a long experience in rural management and planning. From accreditations for Certificacions required by Organic Farming producers (the Spanish Society trainiof Organic Farming SEAE), to the forest certification offered by the FSC or PEFC. Cleaning and maintenance forest tasks. Emergency protection planning – Civil Protection Self-defence planning [...]

Training and Public Participation

Training and Public Participation   Throughout our professional career, in Medi XXI we have developed an extensive formation catalogue, adressed from students to training for adults in several areas. It is remarkable our experience training public service employees in sustainability, regulation, new tech or territorial manegement. We have trained journalists, politicians, military services, fire-fighters, engineers, [...]

Technical projects office

  Medi XXI GSA offers technical, consultancy and project and project development. Medi XXI GSA is composed of enviornmental and engineering professionals with a large experience in these fields. Our technical department is responsable for desingning and developing projects, programs, case studies, reports, products or services in order to meet customer needs. Our task intends [...]

Emergencies and Civil Protection

Our team is highly qualified in terms of emergencies and civil protection. That qualification is so theorical (adquired by regulated training) and practical (adquired by practise). We develop plans related to natural or onthropic risks, such as floods, earthquakes, industry or forest fires. In fact, forest fires are one of the most highlighted specialties of [...]

Information sharing

Download dossiers of works we develop, presentations, videos and other materials that may be of interest to you. Sharing is evolving. Access to our Youtube channel where you will find news, podcasts, interviews and more video content we produce.