Training and Public Participation

Environmental education. Environment and sustainability children and youth workshops Food handling courses. Different specialties. Sustainability Programs. Local Agenda 21. School Agenda 21. Public Participation Plans. Environmental and Social Networks Communication. Environmental Awareness Days / weeks for Citizens

Emergencies and Civil Protection

Preventive and operational emergency planning – Civil Protection Planning. Prevention of natural and anthropic risks (floods, forest fires, wildfires, industrial risk …) Self-protection plans for population centers. Local Fire Prevention Plans. Local Fire Extinction Plans. Design and execution of forestry preventive forestry works. WUIProtect®: Wildland Urban Interface Defense Systems against Wildfires. (WUI) Specific emergency training. […]

Integral water cycle

Integrated environmental authorization. Advice on sustainable management of water resources. Sustainability audits in the municipal water service.


“Environmental integrated” authorization. Advice on waste management. Local Waste Service Sustainability. Waste recovery projects (biogas, bioenergy …) and economic viability. Preparation of Local Waste Management Plans (PLGR)

Design and execution of gardening projects

Design and execution of public and private gardening. Optimization of public resources applied to maintenance. Design and adaptation of Mediterranean gardening. Sustainability audits in the municipal garden service. Fire prevention gardening design.

Technical and legal advice on environmental matters

Territorial affections technical and legal reports. Sector-specific administrative legal databases. Agroforestry expertise and conflict resolution. Mediation and interests reconciliation in rural areas. Administration expedients processing (urban planning, forestry, wastewater …) in all levels (Generalitat, Hydrographic Confederation, Autonomous Government, Town Hall …) Local Ordinances Elaboration Technical Assistance. Local Technical Departments Assistance.

Implementation of Geographic Information Systems (digital)

Geographic Information Systems (digital) Implementation. Local digital management models design and implementation. Territorial databases and thematic mapping. Training courses adapted to specific productive sectors. LiDAR, photogrammetry and remote wireless sensing. Photographic flights with UAVs or aerial means.

Strategic territorial planning and planning

Landscape Integration studies. Environmental impact studies. Heritage Studies. Sustainable Urban Mobility studies. Hydrological and hydrogeological studies. Flood Studies. Acoustic Studies. Industrial Acoustics Planning. Local Acoustical Planning. Water resources justifying Reports. Cadastral management and territorial conditions reporting. Topographical and GPS. Property defense. Local and regional Urban Planning. Public Participation Plans (PPP). Environmental monitoring plans. Public property […]

Management and Planning of Natural Resources

Forest inventory and LiDAR. Teledetection and High Definition Photogrammetry. Wildfires simulation. Wireless sensory networks for monitoring natural spaces and environmental parameters. Forestry cleaning and maintenance works. Forest Management. Technical Plans. Management Projects. Silvicultural management for biomass production and use. Forest Resources Management Projects. Emergency Planning – Civil Protection. Self-protection plans for population centers. Local Fire […]