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Medi XXI GSA offers technical, consultancy and project and project development. Medi XXI GSA is composed of enviornmental and engineering professionals with a large experience in these fields. Our technical department is responsable for desingning and developing projects, programs, case studies, reports, products or services in order to meet customer needs. Our task intends to improve the quality/price ratio with quality solutions, well-designed, well-executed and with a reasonable investment.



Land planning and zoning

  • Acoustic Studies.
  • Landscape Integration Studies
  • Environmental impact studies.
  • Heritage Studies.
  • Studies of Sustainable Urban Mobility.
  • Hydrological studies.
  • Flooding studies.
  • Water resources reports.
  • Cadastral management and report of territorial affections.
  • Topographic and GPS surveys. Property defense.
  • General Plans for Urban Planning (PGOU).
  • Public Participation Plans (PPP).
  • Environmental monitoring plans.
  • Defense of public property.
  • Inventories of territorial character.


Forest Management an Planning

  • Forest cleaning and maintenance work.
  • Planning against emergencies – Civil Protection.
  • Self-protection plans for populated areas.
  • Forest management plans.
  • Local forest fire prevention plans
  • Municipal forest fire suppression plans.
  • Reforestation and afforestation works.
  • Design and execution of preventive forestry works.
  • WUI PROTECT: Wildland Urban Interface Protect system.


Implementation of Geographic Information Systems (digital)

  • Design and implementation of municipal models of digital management.
  • Territorial data bases and thematic cartography.
  • Implementation of Geographic Information Systems.
  • Training courses adapted to specific productive sectors.


Signage of natural, urban and rural spaces

  • Design, signage and homologation according to FEMECV.
  • Design and signage of routes not approved by the FEMECV.
  • Design and provision of contents – Classrooms of nature.
  • Urban and rural eco-healthy routes.
  • Cycling itineraries.
  • Cultural and heritage itineraries.

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