Moisés Varela Negre

Forestry Technical Engineer Senior Technician in Occupational Risk Prevention and Quality. Experience in forestry and forestry work (Finca Xorret de Catí – Alicante Provincial Council) Study and delimitation of public domains (livestock and maritime-terrestrial routes) Management in a technical company in the construction sector. Point-of-sale management of organic products.

GMI – Multidisciplinary Engineering Office

The Multidisciplinary Engineering Office – GMI, was born from the union of three engineers from different fields with the aim and motivation to offer technical solutions of guarantee to the island of El Hierro. The greatest advantage of having three technicians from different fields is the ability to generate multiple synergies and teamwork processes. GMI […]

Boj Forestal – Sustainable Forest Management

Boj Forestal is a team of forestry engineers specialized in the management of environmental resources with a large experience in this field. Our costumers include: environmental councils, provincial councils, town councils, associations of private forest owners, local authorities and land stewards, as well as private forest owners and managers. In order to achieve a real […]

Sergi Carlos Collantes

Senior Technician in Multiplatform Application Development. With technical expertise as an application developer at Indra Software labs. Master’s degree in Big Data Analytics at the Catholic University of San Antonio de Murcia (UCAM). Currently he works as application developer at Medi XXI GSA.

José Luis Dalmau Rovira

Technician in Tourism and Socio-cultural Animation, instructor of Environmental workshops and Commercial Technician at Medi XXI. Responsible of the User Service Department at Medi XXI.

Geno Ballesteros Amat

Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Environmental Sciences. Senior Technician in Occupational Risk Prevention and extensive training in Food Handling as well as Sustainable Mobility and Local Agendas 21. He has work as a trainner for public administrations and Secondary Education.

Francisco Quinto Peris

Forestry Engineer. Responsible of the Engineering are at Medi XXI GSA. Previously, he worked as Head of Unit in the Rural Emergency Brigades of the Generalitat Valenciana. He has a large expertise in projects of a strategic nature for defense against forest fires, civil defense training programs and he is part of the technical team […]

Emma Gorgonio Bonet

Graduate in Environmental Sciences, Forest Technical Engineer and Master’s Degree in Prevention of Labour Risks (3 specialties). At presen, she works as responsible of the Environmental Engineering Department at MEDI XXI GSA. She has algo worked as Forest Technical Engineer in the City council of Vilamarxant (2014-15).

María Mariner Pérez

Graduate in Business Studies by the University of Valencia in 2006. Professional experience in management and contracting of financial products atthe banking sector for more than 3 years, management and accounting of fixed assets and the preparation of annual accounts in a health care company. She is currently responsable of the Administration department at Medi […]

Eric Belenguer Peris

Graduate in Forest Engineering and Natural Environment by the Universitat Politècnica de València and Master’s degree in Geomatic, Teledetection and space models applied in forest management by the University of Córdoba.